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July 25, 2018 Knowledge Base

To Write APA Format Research Paper You Should Follow the Established APA Formatting Rules

There are many different styles and formats of research paper. One kind of paper writing that you may be required to write is APA format research paper.

To complete a good research paper in APA format you should follow this guideline.

1. Typing requirements:
–    Make one inch margin on both sides of the paper (left and right), at top and at the bottom. These margins are used in order to let the review leave the comments.
–    Text size should be 12 point font. Use Times New Roman style.
–    Put single space between the words and after sentence marks (period, colon, semicolon etc.).
–    Do not carry over (hyphenate) the part of the word to the next line.
–    Avoid misprints and typographic errors.

2. APA format research paper writing style:
– Use only complete sentences. Do not use ellipses or contracted sentences.
– Make the first (opening) sentence of each paragraph independent and informative.
– Avoid using contractions. For example, instead of “I’m” write “I am”, or “it’s” write “it is” etc.
– Make sure all words are correctly spelled.
– Do not use sexist language. Try to avoid using personal pronouns “he” or “she” when you address the person whose gender you do not know. In such case, better use the noun “person” or “individual”.
– Use the correct grammatical tense in the sentences. Past tense may be used in the abstract, introduction and method. Use Present tense in results and discussion paragraphs.
– Do not write abbreviation without its explanation. Also, pay attention to the abbreviations that are used without period after them. For example, such abbreviations as mg (milligrams), cm (centimeter), hr (hours), min (minutes) do not require the usage of period mark after them.
– You may always support your research paper with citations or examples taken from other sources. If you give direct citation in your research paper, make sure you follow the APA citation rules:
– Right after the citation, write the information about the issue from which this piece of information was taken. Write the author’s name, the title of the book and the page number where the citation is placed. If you cite the book that is composed by six or more authors then write the surname of the first author and “et al”, that means “and others”. To buy dissertations UK follow this link

3. APA format research paper structure.
If you want to write a successful research paper, then you should think over its structure. Make an outline and think in what order you will place the paragraphs. Include the following sections to your research paper structure:
1.    Title page
2.    Abstract
3.    Introduction with thesis statement
4.    Main body
5.    Conclusion or summary
6.    Bibliography
7.    Additional material (such as tables, drafts, statistics etc.)

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