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Great Gastby Essay Example Will Help You to Accomplish Your Work Easily

Great Gatsby essay is a kind of essay that can be assigned at university, college or school. It is one of the literature essays that is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s biggest novel that was published in 1925. The main character is Jay Gatsby, who was young and fell in love with a girl, Daisy Buchanan, from the upper class of the society. To win her love, he put a lot of efforts to earn money and become as rich as she was. She married another man from her social elite, but he died soon. Fitzgerald seemed to emphasize the cruel and rigid world of America as those of Europe.

Jay Gatsby was both the protagonist and the title of the novel. Gatsby was a handsome young man who had made much money and became fantastically rich. He was born in North Dakota in the farmers’ family. Later on, Jay Gatsby (his real name was James Gatz) fell in love with Daisy Buchanan while serving in the Army during World War I. As he did not have money for his living, Jay decided to hire to a millionaire. There he found out all customs of high society. Love to Daisy inspired Jay to devote his life to the wealth making.

Daisy was the girl Jay Gatsby loved. She promised to wait Gatsby until the end of the World War I, but she broke her oath and married a rich man Tom Buchanan. She was confused in making the right choice, but Tom’s extreme wealth comparing Gatsby’s poverty became a priority.

The novel was also a description of the “Jazz Age”. Scott Fitzgerald told about people of upper social strata that wore beautiful cloths and spent their free time at glamorous parties. There existed material success and love of money that made the world went round.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a king in using symbolism. Different symbols were integrated into the structure and the plot of the novel. Symbolism was used mostly to characterize all protagonists. For example, Gatsby’s car symbolized the wealth in America and served as an abstract significance. The major symbols were considered to be the east and the west, the green light and, of course, the valley of ashes.

In Fitzgerald’s novel people were constantly moving from east to west to escape, somehow, the corruption of their country. The novel embodied a concept of American dream. It had been based on the idea that a person could become wealthy and respected only in that way if he/she worked hard.

Great Gastby essay is considered to be academic essay for citation. These papers are written primarily by students who have to provide critical analysis of The Great Gastby. Importantly, the students should have creative skills in order to convey the meaning effectively

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